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Hey there! 👋 We're a tiny crew of three humans, along with 7 clucking chickens 🐔🐔🐔 and a cool cat named Blair 🐱. Our home base is in Central FL 🏝️, where we run our whole business right from our nest. We're on a mission to deliver our customers awesome stuff that's all about beach coastal vibes 🏖️, full of color, and doesn't break the bank!💰

Peter and Erin are the dynamic duo who personally select all the jewelry and clothes we offer, handpicking them from small importers around the globe 🌍. Those snazzy bumper stickers? Designed by Peter and crafted with top-notch vinyl by a US company 🚗. Oh, and our wooden wall art? Peter carves each piece by hand, pouring tons of love ❤️ into every creation. We promise – every single item is designed to put a huge smile on your face! 😄

About Us

Us at the Beach FInal.jpg
Peter Janus Making Art Work
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