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Dive into the ocean of creativity with WHSL Bubba the Fish Beach Handmade Wood Wall Art! This whimsical piece of handcrafted wall decor is set to make a splash in your space, bringing the lively spirit of the beach indoors. Bubba the Fish, with his playful personality, adds a burst of fun and coastal charm to any room. Meticulously crafted from wood, this artwork captures the essence of the sea in every brushstroke. Let the vibrant colors and Bubba's quirky character transport you to a carefree beach day, where joy dances in the sunlight. Elevate your coastal haven and infuse your space with the laughter of the waves through this delightful handmade masterpiece! 🌊🐠✨
Size varies-approx.13" x 11.5" 

Suggested Retail: $40-$125


WHSL Bubba the Fish Beach Handmade Wood Wall Art

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