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🏖️🐟🤣✨ Liam the Fish Bucked Sharp Tooth Handmade Beach Wood Wall Art ✨🐟🤣🏖️

Say hello to Liam the Fish, the quirky and comical character your coastal decor has been missing! This hilarious handmade wall art features Liam, a fish with bucked sharp teeth that give him an unforgettable smile, all crafted from beautiful beach wood. Measuring 20 1/2 inches wide and 11 1/2 inches tall, Liam brings a splash of humor and rustic charm to any space. Perfect for those who love a good laugh and unique art, this beach wood masterpiece will have everyone grinning. Let Liam the Fish swim into your home and tickle your funny bone! 🌊🏡😂💫

Suggested Retail:  $80-$125

WHSL Liam the Fish Bucked Sharp tooth Handmade Beach Wood Wall Art

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