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Our Wholesale Members Only Website is Up and Running

We've finished our Wholesale Members Only Website for our customers. We know you've been buying from us for years and our Website wasn't up to par for re-orders. But, now that has changed. It's simple to become a member! On your desktop, go to our Website at and click on "Log-in" on the top right-hand side of the page. On your mobile, you'll see "Log-in" on the menu to the left. After you sign-up, we'll approve you for membership so you can receive discounted wholesale prices right away!

Some of the benefits you'll receive from becoming a wholesale member with House of Love:

  • Discounted Prices

  • Regular Coupons

  • FREE Shipping when you spend $100

  • Keep up-to-date when new products are added.

We just want to thank all of our loyal customers for keeping our business afloat for so many years! We hope you enjoy our Wholesale site, and that we can help your business flourish with fun eclectic items for your customers.

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