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We've expanded to Fernandina Beach & Eastpointe, FL

With our personal move to Ocala, FL, we've had more opportunities to expand our outlet locations. Last year, we opened at Looking Glass in Jacksonville, Forgotten Coast Mercantile at Easpointe in the panhandle, and just a few weeks ago, we opened at Trailer Park Collectibles in Fernandina Beach.

Right now, we have a total of 15 outlets and are hoping to open more in 2022. We're praying for a normal busy season this year now that the covid strain has settled and people are traveling more. Even with expansion, sales have been down in comparison to before the pandemic, but this busy season is off to a great start.

In addition, by Summer we will be expanding our products to fun t-shirts. We're looking to invest in a t-shirt press, and will be sticking to unique tropical themes. We'll provide shirts of various designs at both our outlet locations and on our Website.

Lastly, for wholesale customers, we'll be customizing our bumper stickers with the city and state on our designs. Many of you have requested them, and this year we'll offer them to you. If you're interested, please reach out to us at We'd be happy to get your designs started.

For more blog entries, check out our Website. We'll be providing new updates throughout the year. Thanks for reading and God bless!

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